Wildland Fire

CEMML provides fire management services, including research, data analysis, strategic planning, and the implementation of on-the-ground methodologies.

Wildland Fire Services

Wildland Fire Management Planning & Execution

  • Integrated Wildland Fire Management Plans and planning for prescribed fire and fuels management implementation that accounts for military training requirements and meets environmental objectives, policy, and regulatory requirements.
  • Implementation of prescribed fire and wildfire mitigation projects aimed at managing ecosystems, reducing wildland fire threats, and supporting military missions.
  • Collection and analysis of data on wildland fire occurrence and impacts.
  • Post-fire restoration initiatives, including revegetation and invasive species management.

DoD National & Installation-level Risk Assessments

  • High-resolution spatial wildfire risk assessments considering ignition potential, fire spread and severity, and values at risk.
  • Assessments of the effects on wildfire risk of changes in land use, such as changes to prescribed fire frequency or extent, new firing ranges, or changes to firing range utilization.
  • Projection of climate change impacts on installation wildfire exposure.

Email Wildland Fire Services inquiries to cemml@colostate.edu.

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