Fish and Wildlife

CEMML provides a full range of wildlife management services. Our experts offer wildlife monitoring and surveying, invasive species control, and more.

Fish and Wildlife Services

Fish and Wildlife Management

  • Expertise in threatened and endangered species management, game species management, and fisheries management.
  • Field surveys and collection of baseline data.
  • Tracking, trapping, and translocating services.
  • Creation of effective management plans and strategies.
  • Control of predators and nuisance wildlife.
  • Training for specialized wildlife management needs.

Federal Compliance Support

  • Biological assessments
  • Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans, including wildlife and habitat management
  • Field support for complying with:
    • Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act
    • Migratory Bird Treaty Act
    • Endangered Species Act

Inventory and Monitoring

  • Development of sampling protocols.
  • Surveying and monitoring of wildlife and fish species.
  • Collection and analysis of field data on species abundance, distribution, and population viability.
  • Collection of voucher specimens, development of image libraries for cataloging and querying.
  • Entomological support (surveys for bees, butterflies and other pollinators).

Invasive Species Control

  • Monitoring, surveying, and control of infestations.

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