Invasive Species and Biosecurity

CEMML provides effective and environmentally sound solutions for controlling invasive species and developing/implementing biosecurity procedures.

Invasive Species and Biosecurity Services

Invasive Species

  • Baseline and early detection surveys to locate and delineate existing invasive plants, insects, and animals and identify new ones before they become established.
  • Programs for management of invasive species.
  • Research on new and innovative methods for controlling invasive species.
  • Experienced staff hold pesticide applicator licenses and certifications.


  • Quality Assurance/Quality Bio-sanitation procedures to verify that cargo is free of invasive species and meets federal pest management standards.
  • Standard Operation Procedures for invasive species rapid response plan and team capacities to contain outbreaks in the field.
  • Integrated approaches to managing risks to humans, native species, and agriculture from invasive species.
  • Strategic planning to limit the spread of invasive organisms and diseases.
  • Site-specific programmatic pathway risk assessments and analyses.

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