Business Cards

CEMML provides business cards to all employees with a legitimate need. Business cards must comply with graphics standards established by the university.

Business Card Templates

CEMML offers two business card formats, both in color:

  • Single-sided includes the CSU CEMML design element (see example below left) and highlights your affiliation with CSU.
  • Double-sided is side-two of the card that adds contact information highlighting the employee’s affiliation with an installation (see example below right). Where do you get your installation logo? Ask your direct supervisor.

Singled-sided card design

Double-sided card design (back)

How to Order

  • Click the images above and download the template(s).
  • Complete the single-sided template above and, if needed, double-side template.
  • Fill in your contact information. The number of lines are fixed, as well as the space on each line. You may leave a line blank. If you leave a line blank, delete the default text (e.g., Address 4).
  • Save the template to your computer as ‘last name_first name_CEMML_buscard_SideOne’ (or SideTwo).
  • Email the completed template to CEMML Admin Support. In your email, indicate the number of cards you wish to order (minimum 20 and maximum 100, in multiples of 10), and your mailing address if you work off-campus.
  • The estimated turnaround from order to delivery is 2 to 3 weeks.