On a Hawaiian military base, CEMML staffers help residents safeguard water quality

Teaching local residents and children how to take care of their O Ľahu home is the specialty of CEMML’s Angie Arroyo and Kristy Morris. As water programs support staff, they help Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, an Air Force and Navy base, implement its stormwater program. As part of their role, they provide educational programs at local libraries and schools and work with adult volunteer groups.

August 15, 2023

CEMML herpetologist slithers off into the sunset

CEMML principal investigator Tom Mathies retired in June after six years with the Center. An expert in herpetology and invasive species, Mathies was captivated by the natural world from a young age and has spent a lengthy career studying snakes, lizards and bugs of all kinds. During his time with CEMML, Mathies developed a biosecurity program in Guam, helping the military control invasive species across the Marianas.

July 5, 2023

CEMML program helps military installations plan for climate change

CEMML’s Climate Adaptation and Management Planning Program (CAMPP) provides a multi-disciplinary analysis of the threats that Department of Defense installations face from climate change. Program manager Dr. Mindy Clarke shares her perspective on the origins of the CAMPP program, its current work, and its vision for the future.

June 1, 2023

CEMML historian helps the federal government preserve the past

CEMML historic preservation expert, architectural historian, and Colorado native, Alexandra Wallace sat down with CEMML Communications to talk about her fascination with history, her education from Colorado State University, and her 13 years at CEMML helping the federal government preserve the past.

September 19, 2022

CEMML biologists battle invasive species on Guam

As part of a Navy-funded Guam Biosecurity Project, a team of CEMML biosecurity experts is supporting the U.S. Navy and Joint Region Marianas to ensure that no other damaging animal or plant species get a foothold on Guam or elsewhere in the Mariana Islands. CEMML is utilizing a variety of methods, old and new, to prevent the movement of species between islands.

July 14, 2022

Seeking participants to preserve history of naval reactors

The Naval Reactors Facility Oral History Project is inviting those who worked or trained on one or more prototype reactors at the Naval Reactors Facility in Idaho to share their stories. In-person oral history events will be held this July and August, 2022.

June 26, 2022