Middle Holocene Discoveries at the Donnelly Training Area

Julie Esdale, a CEMML Archaeologist on site at the Environmental Division of the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Wainwright, Alaska, works with a team of researchers that use spatial analysis (among other methods) to study the evidence left by human occupation on these lands thousands of years ago. The PDF of this article is available here: […]

Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Conflict Zones

Safeguarding heritage was the focus of the talk by CEMML’s Dr. James Zeidler, entitled: “Incorporating Cultural Property Protection (CPP) Training in Military Professional Education: A View from Pedagogical Science”. Dr. Zeidler presented this material in the Islamic Manuscript Collections in Conflict Zones: Safeguarding Written Heritage workshop that was organized by Joris D. Kila of the Royal United Services […]

Conserving Mission and Two Rare Plant Species at Fort A.P. Hill

Robert Floyd, a CEMML on-site natural resources research specialist, and his colleagues work with the installation at Fort A.P. Hill to maintain high-quality military training lands, while simultaneously conserving two of the nation’s rarest plants: the elusive swamp pink (Helonias bullata) and the small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides). Endangered Species Online Bulletin. US Fish & Wildlife […]