GIS Days 2016 at CSU

CEMML’s Muthukumaran Sampath and his fellow researchers, Emily Campbell, Amy Stuyvesant, and Benjamin Ignac, presented “Monitoring Algal Productivity in Alpine Lakes” at CSU’s GIS Days. The researchers assessed the accuracy of Landsat 8-based estimates of chlorophyll-a levels in alpine lakes. GIS Days is an annual event, sponsored by CSU’s Geospatial Centriod, that features lectures, workshops, […]

David Jones Elected as New APC Representative

CEMML’s David Jones has been elected as an area representative into CSU’s Administrative Professional Council (APC). APC’s mission is to “represent and promote the interests of administrative professionals at Colorado State University and to facilitate communication between Administrative Professional staff, Faculty Council, Classified Personnel Council, the Administration and other appropriate campus constituencies.” Many CEMML employees are […]

Associate Director Bob Brozka Retires from CEMML

Associate Director Bob Brozka retires from CEMML after 22-years of service. WCNR Director of Communications Rob Novak summarizes Brozka’s enduring impact on CEMML and the CSU community in this SOURCE story. Thank you Bob Brozka!

Hurricane Matthew Aftermath and CEMML Stories

Hurricane Matthew recently plotted a track along the southeastern U.S. through and near many locations where CEMML staff work and live. Pictures and stories are starting to trickle in. Send yours and we’ll add them to this post. Cape Canaveral  

Mindy Clarke named CSU International Presidential Fellow

BIG congrats to Mindy Clarke, a CEMML Program Manager and PhD Candidate in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE). She was named a CSU 2016-2017 International Presidential Fellow*! Mindy has lived and worked all over the globe for almost 30 years. The travel bug firmly got a hold of her in her teens when she worked as an […]

Call for Award Nominations & Volunteers

CEMML is soliciting nominations and award committee members for its annual Outstanding Employee Accomplishment award to be presented at the State of CEMML in early 2017. This award is to recognize an individual or team of CEMML employees who have made exceptional contributions to the Center and sponsor missions in the course of their day-to-day […]

CSU Flag over Afghanistan 2016

  Thanks to a CSU ROTC grad for the shot!    

Documentary Showcases CEMML’s Work at Bellows AFS

The Air Force launched a new documentary that showcases its eco-friendly work on the beaches and wetlands of Bellows AFS and it stars . . .drum roll please. . . CEMML’s Craig Gorsuch! An Environmental Program Manager with a mission to revert AF lands to their more natural state, Gorsuch had much help from Kari Bogner, Chase Davenport, plus […]

CSU types find each other wherever they go

As part of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Oahu this week, CEMML staffers enjoy dinner with the Assistant Secretary of Air Force Installations, Environment and Energy, herself also a CSU alum.  Go Rams!  

Highest Point on Oahu

Reporting from Hawaii, Kris Rex had the pleasure of taking her Joint Base installation biologist and Pacific Region Natural Resources Subject Matter Experts up Mount Ka’ala last week. At a bog immediately adjacent to the USAF 611CES Radar Station, she snapped these photos. Mahalo for sharing your hike with us, Kris!