Congratulations to Robert Floyd, Brian Josey, and their coauthors Stefanie Ferrazzano, Andrew Garey, and Jason Applegate on publication of their article “Helonias bullata (swamp pink) habitat characteristics under different landscape settings at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.” The article appears in volume 17 (pages 484-511) of the peer-reviewed journal Southeastern Naturalist.

Swamp pink, a plant listed as threatened under the US Endangered Species Act and by the state of Virginia, occupies forest wetlands in the central and southern east coast of the United States. Floyd and colleagues compared the size of rosettes and number of leaves of rosettes—two measures of potential reproductive output and population viability—between plants in areas that burned within the past two years and areas that did not burn. They also examined the same measures in military training zones with different fire frequencies. The research suggested that swamp pink may be adapted to, and perhaps benefit from, infrequent, moderate-intensity fires.

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