Natural Resources Early-career Development Job Opportunities

Current Early-career Development Program opportunities in Natural Resources Management are listed below. Each technician position varies in duties and scope. New opportunities will be posted throughout the year, so be sure to check in often. Opportunities are removed as they are filled. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for more than one position.

Be sure to include the name(s) of the military installation you want to be considered for in your cover letter or statement of qualifications and follow the instructions in the job posting.

PositionInstallation# of Positions AvailableDurationAnnual Salary Range (Prorated for positions lasting less than 1 year)LocationDesired Start DatePrimary Projects
Natural Resources TechnicianAltus Air Force Base17 months$35,000-$37,000Altus, Oklahoma5/15/2023The Natural Resources Technician will provide support for a variety of natural resources and wildlife management projects. These will include managing and maintaining a pollinator garden and community garden, conducting inventories on tree stands, assisting with surveys for Texas horned lizards, bats, and macroinvertebrates, and assisting with small mammal trapping efforts. Additional office-based opportunities will include managing and advertising for outreach events, managing survey data, and preserving wildlife specimens.
Wildlife and Vegetation Management TechnicianAvon Park Air Force Range27 months$35,000-$37,000Avon Park, Florida5/15/2023The Wildlife and Vegetation Management Technician will support the Avon Park AFR natural resources program through various monitoring and vegetation management efforts. Wildlife monitoring tasks will include surveys for various threatened and endangered (T&E) species that are found on the installation, including the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. The technician will also deploy acoustic monitors throughout the installation, and will review images obtained from panther camera-traps. Vegetation tasks will include assisting the installation botanist with the management of invasive, T&E, and rare vegetation species, and may include plant restoration and prescribed burn preparation. This work will require the use of hand-tools, and potentially chainsaws. The technician will also occasionally support the outdoor recreation program on the weekends (the workweek will be adjusted to Tuesday-Saturday when this occurs).
Natural Resources Management TechnicianColumbus Air Force Base17 months$35,000-$37,000Columbus, Mississippi5/15/2023The Natural Resources Technician will provide support through a variety of invasive species, threatened and endangered species, and wetlands management projects. Invasive species management tasks will mainly consist of GPS mapping and field surveys, and may include GIS work in the office using collected data. Threatened and endangered species tasks will support snapping turtle and bat management, through the collection of water samples and the maintenance of bat boxes respectively. Finally, the wetlands work will produce wetland delineations using field surveys with GPS equipment.
Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation TechnicianEglin Air Force Base112 months$35,300-$38,500Valparaiso, Florida5/15/2023The Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Technician will be tasked with a variety of natural resources projects, including maintaining and creating fences and pens for gopher tortoises, monitoring shorebirds and sea turtles during the nesting season, and maintaining recreation areas by repairing fences and picnic tables, and mowing and maintaining the grounds. The technician also will assist with special-opportunity hunts and fishing rodeos. The technician will be required to operate gas-powered tools, augers, tractors, welders, and other special equipment. The variety of projects that technicians will be working on will provide valuable wildlife, outdoor recreation, and natural resources management experience.
Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation TechnicianEielson Air Force Base16 months$37,000-$40,000Fairbanks, Alaska5/15/2023The Natural Resources Technician will provide support to the Eielson AFB natural resource program through a variety of survey and land management tasks. Survey tasks will be conducted with the installation biologist, and will include using acoustic bat monitors and potentially the inspection of bat boxes. The technician will also assist with regular surveys for migratory birds throughout the installations. Land management tasks will include the monitoring of invasive plant species (including choke cherry trees), followed by removal using chainsaws, brush cutters, and weed eaters. Other tasks will include the management and maintenance of hiking trails, skiing trails, and campsites. Additional opportunities may be presented to assist USFWS staff with Swallow surveys.
Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation TechnicianJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson16 months$37,000-$40,000Anchorage, Alaska5/15/2023The Ecology and Forestry Technician will support JBER’s Natural Resources Manager primarily on bat monitoring efforts using acoustic monitors, mist nets, surveys of abandoned buildings, and through the inspection and marking of trees that are being used by roosting bats. The technician will also assist with the coordination of bat and forest outreach (including Arbor Day) events, and will provide administration and evaluation support for the base’s hunting proficiency test once the hunting season starts.
Wildlife and Ecology TechnicianJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson15 months$37,000-$40,000Anchorage, Alaska5/15/2023The Ecology Technician will support the JBER Environmental Program Manager through various surveys, including those for active bald eagle nests that are located on the installation. They will also inspect trees for nests and mark any trees that may be used during the nesting season. These surveys and monitoring tasks will require backpacking trips up to a few hours long to reach nesting locations. The technician will also take part in wetland surveys alongside USFWS staff.
Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation TechnicianTinker Air Force Base26 months$35,000-$37,000Oklahoma City, Oklahoma5/15/2023The Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Technician will support the Tinker AFB natural resource program through a wide variety of projects. These will include including native vegetation species plantings, reptile monitoring, and the maintenance of board walks, trail signage, and trail surfaces. The technician will also conduct stream, pond, and fish seine surveys. Opportunities will also be presented to assist USFWS staff with bat and bird surveys, tree management, planting, and irrigating, in addition to data management and equipment inventory management in the office. 
Vegetation Management TechnicianNaval Munitions Site, Marine Corps Camp Blaz, and Andersen Air Force Base4Up to 12 months$35,000-$50,000Guam5/1/2023The Vegetation Management Technicians will provide support to the Invasive Species Program on Guam through a variety of vegetation management projects. Projects include vegetation monitoring, invasive vegetation removal, hazard tree removal, trail clearing, and equipment maintenance. Vegetation removal will include mechanical and chemical control methods.
Natural Resources Education & OutreachEdwards Air Force Base18-10 weeks$37,000-$40,000CSU main campus in Fort Collins, Colorado with travel to Edwards Air Force Base, California5/29/2023As a Natural Resources Education and Outreach Intern, your primary responsibility will be to capture via photo and video existing natural resources projects at Edwards Air Force Base, such as (1) the Reptile and Amphibian Inventory; (2) the Restoration of Piute Ponds Complex Project; (3) wildlife-human conflict reduction Program and develop educational materials for the public. This position will require you to have excellent written communication skills as well as videography and video editing skills as you will be developing education and outreach content about the Edwards AFB Natural Resources projects for the general public.
Internship work and content development will occur at the CSU Fort Collins campus but will travel to Edwards Air Force Base in California to accompany the Natural Resource staff and project technicians to learn about and capture (via photos and videos) the various ongoing Natural Resource efforts.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) TechnicianNaval Munitions Site, Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, and Andersen Air Force Base1Up to 12 months$35,000-$50,000Guam6/1/2023The GIS Technician will provide support to Guam’s GIS Program through a variety of GIS and data management projects. Under the supervision of the GIS analyst, the technician will generate maps, collect field data from biologists, and assist with data management. There is also potential to assist additional Teams with biosecurity field work if needed.