Travel Card Procedures

The following instructions lead you through how to get your travel questions answered, applying for and cancelling a travel credit card, as well as showing you the link to get started reporting your travel for reimbursement. Employees are responsible for paying all travel card bills on time. In almost all cases, timely submission of post-travel requests will result in your reimbursement by CSU before your travel card bill is due.

Travel Cards can be requested for any employee upon approval by their manager. This applies to both salaried and hourly employees who travel for the project.


All travel questions and inquiries should be directed to You can also call them at 970-491-7345, though you may need to leave a voice mail. The College (WCNR – Warner College of Natural Resources) manages all business functions for CEMML, like travel, purchasing, and HR.


The new cardholders application for a CSU travel credit card is all electronic (link below) and nothing else is needed but the submittal of this online application:

Direct all questions regarding the travel application and the credit card itself to


  1. Print and complete the Travel Card Cancellation Form.
  2. Send your completed travel card cancellation form to the CSU travel office (address on the form).
  3. Return the card to your supervisor, so they can shred it.

Reporting Travel

Access travel reporting procedures via the WCNR Intranet at: and click on the Business Office and Travel links to get to the Travel Procedures circled below.

Direct all travel-related and reporting questions to the email the WCNR budget office at:

reporting travel screenshot