Supervisor Resources

As a supervisor at Colorado State University, you are expected to contribute to the university’s mission, ensure that your employees follow all university policies and procedures, and ensure the success of sponsored projects. You are held responsible not only for your own actions but for decisions made by your group.

Colorado State University promotes work environments for all employees, whether on-campus or off-campus, that foster inclusivity, accountability, and respect. CSU believes that these work environments can be achieved through active service and social justice. Responding appropriately to employee questions about behavior, negative interactions, and conflict can stretch one’s limits. You are not alone. Peer-reviewed research, resources, and skilled and trained university professionals can help you.

Questions to keep in mind when considering behaviors in your group that may be problematic

  1. Is your group’s behavior consistent with CSU’s Principles of Community?
    • Do any of your employees face unique challenges?
    • What characteristics, traits, contributions, and behaviors are most valued and rewarded in your group?
  2. How might a given complaint affect different employees on the basis of their identity?
  3. To whom is a given complaint most often directed?
  4. Do the systems, practices, or policies within your group make it difficult to raise issues seriously and honestly, intervene effectively, or engage in respectful dialogue?
    • Does that context tend to shield perpetrators of bad behaviors from the consequences of their actions?
    • Who might be especially vulnerable?
    • What else is at stake?

Your supervisor is available to discuss any of your concerns about helping or working with your employees. Other resources available to you are your on-campus supervisor and department head (center’s director).The following university resources also are available to you:

Educate yourself on the latest research and employee concerns.