Special Leave

Employees report all leave to their supervisor. For special leave, supervisors will enter it via the WCNR Intranet system.

Below are the schedules and definitions on how to report special leave. Supervisors: click the instruction link below for detailed instructions on how to enter special leave. Direct all questions regarding special leave to WCNR_HR@mail.colostate.edu

SCHEDULE: Special leave is due in the WCNR Intranet system no later than the 5th of the following month leave is taken. Late submissions are not accepted because they negatively impact processing requirements for the entire college.

DEFINITION: Any time away from regularly scheduled work that is not annual leave, sick leave, or a holiday is considered special leave and can include – but is not limited to – bereavement, jury duty, closings of the work site for weather or other events, and volunteers in public schools (VIPS).

NUMBER OF HOURS: Special leave is limited to 8 hours per day regardless of alternative work schedules. Part-ime employee hours will be prorated (that is, one day off for a half time individual is four hours).

EMPLOYEE INSTRUCTIONS: Request special leave with your supervisor via email as far in advance as possible. CSU absences and leave policy can be found here: https://facultycouncil.colostate.edu/faculty-manual-section-f/