All purchasing questions and inquiries should be directed to WCNR_Budget@mail.colostate.edu. You can also call them at 970-491-7345, though you may need to leave a voice mail. The College (WCNR – Warner College of Natural Resources) manages all business functions for CEMML, like travel, purchasing, and HR.


To request purchases, log in to the Warner College of Natural Resources Intranet with your eID. Click on Business Office at the top of the page. Then click on NR Procedure Manual on the left side of the page. Now click on Financial Policy, and then on Purchasing.


To record receipt of purchases, submit them electronically by attaching them to your WCNR Intranet requisition (request) form or by emailing them directly to WCNR_budget@mail.colostate.edu. As of July 2018, the WCNR Business Office no longer requires hard copy receipts for travel or purchasing reimbursements.

Receipts must be clear, legible, and in PDF format.