PCARD (Procurement Card Program)

A procurement card (PCARD) is a MasterCard that may be used by authorized employees to make relatively small, non-recurring purchases from approved merchants on behalf of Colorado State University. Individuals must apply for the card and, if the application is approved, complete an online training program before the card may be issued and used.

For more information about PCARDs, click here.

To apply for a PCARD, click here and complete the form. Mail your completed form to the WCNR Budget Office at WCNR_budget@mail.colostate.edu.


  1. Give the card to your supervisor, along with the completed the top section of the CSU Procurement PCard Form (including check “delete” and provide the last six digits of your card).
  2. Supervisor, shred the card and forward the form to CSU Procurement Services via the WCNR business office.