Employment Identification Card (CSU ID)

RamCards include your CSU identification number on them and are used as employment identification cards at some installations. (Your eID must be activated before you can receive a RAMCard.)


If your on-campus supervisor/PI determines that you need a RamCard, please complete the RamCard Request form (CSU email required to access). Once received, Center administrative support will process your request. The Center pays for your first* RamCard.

  • If you are an On-Campus employee, you will be given needed information to take to the RamCard office.
  • If you are an Off-Campus employee, the Center will process your information for payment. Once that is approved, you will receive direct communication and instructions from the RamCard. Please follow their instructions immediately and closely and communicate directly with them. RamCard payment requests time-out if not responded to in a timely manner.

*REPLACEMENT CARDS: Employees are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost, stolen or damaged card. Contact RamCard directly if you need a replacement card.