plaque made from beetle-killed pine hanging on a wallWe are pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the CEMML Outstanding Accomplishment Award is Marielys Velez, who works on the CSU campus and is a member of the center’s U.S. Air Force Environmental GIS Program.

Each year around August, CEMML invites its staff and sponsors to nominate individuals and teams that warrant recognition for outstanding accomplishment. Nominations submitted in 2017 were all for individuals, and all reflected excellence in environmental program development, project management, and training in the stewardship of natural and cultural resources.

The accomplishments for which Marielys was recognized included her excellence in communication within the GIS data development group, which is highly dispersed. Her efforts allowed individuals with a wide range of skill levels to comprehend diverse data analysis and development concepts, improved cooperation and data sharing among installations and CEMML, and contributed to a seamless, well-paced program at the 2017 annual CEMML GIS meeting.

Marielys’s enduring and infectious high spirits were also recognized. Her consistent energy and enthusiasm have a positive effect on the attitude and mood of her team and of stakeholders.

Congratulations and thanks to Marielys. Thanks also to the other nominees, as well as to all those who submitted nominations and participated in the review process.


group picture of GIS analysts
CEMML’s GIS group at Colorado State University in April 2017. Mari is in the front row, fifth from the left.