CEMML's Outstanding Award plaques over the yearsCEMML is soliciting nominations and award committee members for its annual Outstanding Employee Accomplishment award to be presented at the State of CEMML in early 2017. This award is to recognize an individual or team of CEMML employees who have made exceptional contributions to the Center and sponsor missions in the course of their day-to-day responsibilities.

 Nominees should be CEMML employees or teams whose work inspires others. Some examples include noteworthy research, innovative approaches to the mission that benefits CEMML and the sponsor, and exemplified application of cutting-edge science to military lands conservation, to name a few.


Complete the NOMINATION FORM and email it to debra.lewis@colostate.edu on or before September 29, 2016. Selections are open to supervisors, coworkers, and federal colleagues. A committee composed of off- and on-campus volunteers will convene to review, discuss and rank all submittals. 


Simply email debra.lewis@colostate.edu on or before the end of September. Meetings will be conducted by telecom and other electronic means beginning the first week of October. Rankings will be completed by early November. We want a cross-section of members, both off- and on-campus that pull from various environmental specialties. Participants will be able to bill time to a site code created for this purpose. Further information will be provided to volunteers.